Dual 8″ In-Wall Subwoofer with Sealed Enclosure

Create deep, accurate bass without altering a room’s design. Easily mount between standard wall studs. Contains patented subwoofer technology. Blend into any room’s decor. Combine with the SolidDrive to create the ultimate “in-wall” home theater system.**

The IW-200 is an in-wall subwoofer with a sealed enclosure. The sub enclosure box mounts easily between 16″ on-center wall studs, and its vibration-isolating outer foam layer virtually eliminates the risk of buzzing and wall rattling. Recommended for rooms up to 3,300 cubic feet in volume. Larger rooms can simply use multiple IW-200 subwoofers.

Features a 7-year warranty.

Specifications: IW200Mounting hardware included
Nominal Impedance4 Ohms
Max. Program Power350 W
Recommended Power350 W Peak
Height (SM = Height)72"
Diameter (SM = Width)14.4"
SM Depth (Including Bracket)3.4"
Cutout Height (Surface Mount Height)20.5"
Cutout Width/Diameter8.75"
Mounting Hole DiameterEnclosure mounts between 16″ on-center 2″ x 4″ studded wall
Mounting DepthEnclosure mounts between 16″ on-center 2″ x 4″ studded wall
Weight27.2 kg / 60 lbs (Subwoofer and Back box)