7″ 3-Way In-Wall Speaker With Micro-Flange Grille

The CI70X utilizes the same midrange and tweeter technology found in our critically acclaimed Premier Collection PC9.5 speaker. The CI70X three-way design delivers outstanding reproduction of music and movie soundtracks. Its patented QuikMount™ clamping levers, shared with the rest of the rectangular CI Series, mean quick installation and easy replacement or upgrading.

A pivoting tweeter can be used to direct high frequencies to your listening area. The grille can be painted to match any room color.

The CI70X pairs with Premier Collection’s PC3.5 and PC9.5.

Specifications: CI70XMounting hardware included
Nominal Impedance8 Ω
Sensitivity dB @ 2.83V/1M89 dB
Frequency Response (1)32 Hz - 22 kHz
Recommended Power10 - 150 Watts
Crossover Type3-Way Absolute Phase™
Grille - materialWhite Powder-Coated Galvanized Steel Magnetic Micro-Flange (paintable)
Height (SM = Height)319.27 mm / 12.57"
Diameter (SM = Width)219.20 mm / 8.63"
Cutout Height (Surface Mount Height)288.92 mm / 11.37"
Cutout Width/Diameter187.32 mm / 7.37"
Mounting Depth88.9 mm / 3.5"
Weight2.49 kg / 5.5 lb
Shipping Weight2.94 kg / 6.5 lb
Accessories OptionalPre-Construction Bracket (RB-23)
Regulatory - RoHSApproved
Regulatory - CCCapproved